German-born designer Marie Charlotte Giebel founded MARCHA in 2016 after completing her art degree at Edinburgh University. The idea sprung during her time as a student when Marie developed a keen interest in the independent pop-art movement. The works of Derek Boshier, Patrick Caulfield and Pat Douthwaite were impregnated in the back of her mind as the ideas of her own fabric designs started to become a reality. She was especially inspired by David Hockney’s Californian modernist aesthetics, which became the cornerstone for Marie to create her own line of 1960s inspired silk loungewear with the use of bold prints.

The idea of silk loungewear stemmed from a personal desire. Marie longed for a garment that would allow her to easily slip into and feel glamorous at any time of the day – during lazy mornings at home, visits at farmer’s markets or dinner plans at night. She began having her fabric designs printed onto silk satin and used them to create her first pieces of caftans and shirtdresses.

The caftan-like dresses come in a flattering loose fit and the soft drape of the silk-satin feels amazing on the skin. Whether they are worn barefoot at home, with sandals at the beach or with sky-high heels at night, they allow every person to feel like the best version of themselves at all times.

Marie Charlotte Giebel